Transformation &


He causes things to look different so it would appear time has passed… And did it ever pass? Was there once a real time, and for that matter a real world, and now there is counterfeit time and a counterfeit world, like a sort of bubble growing and  looking different but actually static?

From Valis, Philip K. Dick, 1981

A Parallel Essay Inspired by the Work of Maxine Hench

Well first, before we start, we’ll have to get everything right? Really understand what language, and all the semiotic structures are. Try to grasp whether there is any difference between psychology and biology — whether or not “humans” occupy a special place or whatever. And while we’re doing these few introductory transcendental clarifications we must also be developing the ability to stand completely outside of ourselves, that is not only outside our race, gender, financial bracket, etc. but outside the human and the terrestrial altogether. Beyond gravity and our familiar physics. Beyond our dimensional fences so to speak. Really get out there. Out to look back and see the bias of directional bodies moving through what they don’t understand to be Bergsonian time, or whatever. But then not to just get “outside” or “further” and “look back” because of course directionality is quite human and bias-ridden and lane-locking too. But perhaps to be everywhere at once. To simultaneously understand all the dramas and banalities of both the Andromeda and MACS0647-JD galaxies as well as all of the dramas and banalities of the sub-nucleonic structures inside all the pamphlet guides at the front desk of the National Museum of Tanzania, as well as all the other museum pamphlets and everything else. Everything. And lastly, ha, if there could be such a thing, returning to our earlier semiotic clarifications — lets strip away beginnings and endings, all borders — so we can see clearly ya know? Like understand where like the finger ends and the hand begins, and hand ends and the arm begins, and the arm ends and the torso begins, and the torso ends and the body begins, and the body ends and the family begins, and the family ends and the race begins, and the race ends and general life begins, and general life ends and other stuff begins, and other stuff ends and other non-stuff begins… Well yea, we’re going to need to get rid of all that stuff too. Oh and then there’s the other direction to clear up.

But first,

I’m fine.